How We Build Customized Golf Carts / Utility Vehicles /SpecializedElectric Buggies For Customers ?

How We Build Customized Golf Carts / Utility Vehicles /SpecializedElectric Buggies For Customers ?

The game of golf dates way back to the 15th century in Scotland, but we didn’t start seeing golf carts being driven around the courses until the 1930s.  Tired of walking from hole to hole, an engineer named Lyman Beecher is credited with building the first ride-on cart, which was pulled around by caddies. Beecher eventually added electric batteries to his cart .

Fast forward to the 1950s, when both electric and gas-powered golf cart manufacturers began to emerge like Marketeer, Golfmobile, Cushman, Club CarEZGO .,etc . Foreseeing the tremendous market demands in future personal & Golf course mobility vehicles ,HDK Electric vehicle company was established in early 2000s .Popularity grew quickly, but most golf courses banned carts — until they realized the money they could make from renting them to golfers. Today, golf carts aren’t just for carting your clubs around but feature high-tech amenities to keep you on you’re A-game, as well as luxury amenities, and can be customized to reflect your personality.

In The Contemporary Era ,Golf carts have come in a wide variety of choices, and they’re not limited to the golf course alone. There’s a big DIY community that’s emerged because of the convenience and affordability of the golf cart. The price range is anywhere from $1000 to up to $30,000, depending on a number of factors. Most people, who have never bought a custom golf cart before, are surprised by all the options available to make a new cart exactly what you want.  Custom Paint, sound systems, lighting, brush guards, wheels, tires, seats and an endless list of really cool options on motors, engines and performance.

  Benefits of a custom built golf car

  • Express your sense of style
  • Have a better-performed golf cart
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Get attention
  • Increase the value of your current golf cart
  • Make your golf cart more distinct

How to build a customized golf cart

You can make an incredible range rover custom electric car if you are determined to achieve the extraordinary. To have a custom built golf car, you can convert your current golf cart or buy a brand new cart. To customize your golf car, you need to follow essential engineering practices. Start from golf car design to choosing the parts and assembling. We will discuss these steps as follow:

1. Choose a Body Type

2. Choose a Body Color

3. Choose a Seat Style

4. Choose a Top Style 

5. Should Your Cart Be Street Legal(Eligible for getting license plate)? 

6. How many passengers?

7. Rims and Tires 

8. Optional Add Ons


How to Order customized golf carts ?

process of orders


With Custom Built Carts…

let your imagination become reality!


Let us make your dream come true!  Tell us what you want and we will build it to your specifications!

Post time: Jul-05-2022