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  • Tony, President & Founder

    Dai Side, the President of Xiamen Dalle Electric Car Company, was born in Changting county, Longyan city in Fujian Province in 1966 who enrolled by Xi'an Jiao Tong University, one of the top 10 key universities in China majoring in engine in 1983.

    In 1987 he was assigned to Shanghai Diesel Factory as a technician which was the largest one in China and owned more than 10000 employees. In addition, Cummins, the most well-known diesel engine, was also produced by this Factory.

    In 1989, he came back to hometown and appointed as technician in motor factory. In order to get familiar with production and process, he applied for himself to workshop as the primary worker admitted by factory director when came into the factory.

    Three months later, he was allotted as the technician and then acted as production scheduling after being a technician for 3 months with the recognition from his director, promoted as the factory director in 3 month after the ex-director leaving China for Japan.

    In 1996, together with his friends, Mr. Dai began to set up the plastic toy factory in Xiamen and started the glory course of plastic mould.

    Thereafter, he benefits much from the transformed business, not only the plastic toy, Christmas decorations but even electric cars.

    Brand story


    HDK electric vehicle is the new exciting brand for Green energy car in United States, in which we position ourselves as "The Choice of the Royal Green Energy".

    Since the beginning, HDK have been using the most advance technology to produce Electric Vehicles to assist our customer to feel the sense of pleasure of upper class, and retaining the enjoyment of blending into the environment.

    We aim not only to produce Electric Vehicle with the trend of the market, but intend to lead the market into a new trend towards a perfect combination of commercial and environmental friendly vehicle.

    HDK vehicle have the distinction of elegance, comfort and safety to be presented in different venue and occasion, it is the very reason HDK vehicle is the most popular Electric vehicle in China, with the unique and innovational idea of design, excellent workmanship with exclusive creative element.

HDK the lead of electric vehicles.