Main AdvantagesThis is our favorite part of the site, our showcase!

  • Hot Galvanized Dip

    15 years

    no rust, There are other competitors in the market try to use different materials for their chassis, like Club car use aluminum chassis, but HDK has proved Hot Galvanized Dip not only rust resistible, it is also so cost effective, HDK can pass on the cost saving to our global customers.

  • Curtis Controller


    in the world originated from USA also used by EZGO and CLUB CAR.

  • ADC motor


    in the world originated from USA/ADC.

  • Independent suspension with

    four arms

    same as GEM electric car in the USA and it is safe and comfortable.

  • Rear Alxe

    Aluminum cover

    antirust, convenient and exquisite appearance , fit for street legal of Europe standard.

  • On board charger


    Aluminum cover with waterproof, antirust and heat protection manufactured by the Delta-Q the most famous charger producer.

  • Injection molded


    front cowl and rear body,TPO is the material flexible to impact.

  • nuts and bolts

    stainless steel

    Higher costs, better performance.

  • Carlisle tire

    with aluminum wheel

    approved by EC certificate of Europe and DOT certificate of USA.

Hybrid technology (optional)-HDK Hybrid: it will charge to the battery to increase the range and run constantly as well as protect battery in some degree when start the generator under circumstance of low capacity. The technology owns the certificate of patent in the USA and exhibit in the professional golf show in USA in 2011 which attract larger numbers of professional clients and arouse the curiosity of the peer, salesmen of Club Car and engineer of Yamaha.

HDK the lead of electric vehicles.