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Feb 19, 2014

Wanamaker Tickets sold out for 2014 PGA Championship

LOUISVILLE, KY -- The PGA of America has announced that tickets to the Wanamaker Club at the 2014 PGA Championship have officially sold out. Daily grounds tickets remain available for each day of the Championship, which will be Aug. 4-10 at Valhalla Golf Club. The 2014 PGA Championship will be the sixth major PGA of America event conducted at Valhalla since 1996. 
"This region has enthusiastically supported past PGA of America events, but selling out the Wanamaker Club in less than three weeks is unprecedented," said Championship Director Brett Sterba. "The Wanamaker Club is a fixed-size structure, so  to allow the best experience possible for those with access, The PGA sold only 10,000 weekly tickets. 
Sterba stressed that daily grounds tickets for each day of the week, and weekly hospitality options for all four championship rounds are still available. 
"We want to remind all those who registered for tickets that although the Wanamaker Club has sold out, the 2014 PGA Championship is not sold out," Sterba said.

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